Christmas Scissor Cutting Practice Sheets

Did you know that scissor cutting skills are vital to your child’s development? I didn’t either until my oldest was 3 years old and was being screened for preschool. But after that news, I quickly got scissors into his little hands and I got to work cranking out scissor cutting practice sheets! So what’s merrier for little ones during the season we anxiously await Santa riding into town than having Christmas Themed Cutting Practice Sheets?!

Christmas Scissor Cutting Practice Sheets

A quick overview of the benefits of scissor cutting shows that using scissors with the proper grasp…

  • provides practice in using the tripod fingers (thumb, forefinger and middle finger) together.  The tripod fingers are what work together in controlling a pencil.  Developing the proper pencil grasp attributes to good handwriting.
  • strengthens your child’s hand muscles
  • helps to improve fine motor skills


However, you can get the FULL run down on my post Scissor Cutting Skills: why they’re important and how to learn ’em.

As far as our kiddos know though, scissors are just plain fun!

Christmas Scissor Cutting Practice Sheets download

Want even more scissor cutting practice sheets for your little ones? Here ya go…

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Honestly, I was a little concerned that my boys would tire of all the scissor cutting practice sheets, but they haven’t! In fact, they ask to do them!

HO-HO-Hoping you and your little ones have a merry little cutting party with these Christmas Scissor Cutting Practice sheets!


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