dates and decorating: make your bedroom romantic in one month of dates

Dates & Decorating;

Although fun time together with your love can bring you closer, so can working on a project together.  It is easy once children arrive to divide up tasks and never really work together.  But the planning, collaborating, and working toward a common goal can be the best dates for your relationship, and your home!

And what better project could there be than making your bedroom a more romantic and cozy space?

Often our bedroom gets overlooked for improvements.  We focus on the family spaces – the kitchen, living room, playroom, and bathroom.  The master bedroom can become cluttered, overrun with books and clothes, and bear little resemblance to the cozy retreat you remember from before kids.

So it’s time for some updates and for some dates.  If you have one date a week, the whole room can be your perfect sanctuary of sleep in just one month!

Date One – Pinterest.

I’ve been a fan of Pinterest since it was invitation-only.  I love finding cute home ideas and adding them to my various boards.  When I would mention this to my hubby, he would kind of roll his eyes, showing me that it was not his type of site.

Until he actually tried it, that is.  All it took was showing him one amazingly crafted bookcase (he’s a sucker for well made furniture) and he was interested.  He would never have an account himself, mind you, but sitting together looking through pins not only gives us great ideas, but it gets us talking too.

So, start a “Master Bedroom” board and pin a few ideas.  Then ask your hubby if he’ll sit with you and discuss the ideas you’ve found.  Pretty soon you may find yourselves collaborating on a new bedroom vision.

Date Two – Paint.

Paint is an easy way to spruce up your room.  Choose colors that will work well with the space that you have.  Our bedroom has a couple of skylights that bring in plenty of light, so we were able to go with more saturated colors.  But if your room is not as well lit, go for lighter shades.  If you don’t have an eye for what colors will work together, try a tool like “Find Your Color” on

Once you have the paint, pick a time to have a painting date night.  Nothing is more stressful than painting with kids running around threatening to tip the cans, so find someone to take them out of the house for a few hours.  Then get in your fanciest paint clothes and make like Michelangelo.

Painting makes a great activity with your love because it is active, messy, and fun.  Be silly, get talking, have a few beers, and bring new life to your bedroom with some paint!

Date Three – Decor.

Want to amp up the romance in your room?  Kick out the clutter.  If you let clutter accumulate, it will just remind you that you need to pick up.  Oh, and make a grocery list.  And when did you last clean the bathroom?  Annnnnd romance killed.

Section off the room and see who can get rid of the most stuff.  If you do it alone, it can be a big chore, but together it can be pretty fun.

Next, add things that remind you of how much you love each other.  Place pictures from your wedding or last vacation on the walls or nightstands.  Find spots for a few candles for some mood lighting.  If you can find some candles scented with jasmine or vanilla, so much the better.  And take that television out.  We’ve all heard the stories – a T.V. in the bedroom means less connection time (and not to mention sleep) with your hubby.

Date Four – Bedding.

It’s time to go shopping!  You need a bed that you both want to jump into, so take your love to the store to find a few new items to make your bed more welcoming.

There’s nothing like cuddling up in a bed with new, freshly washed sheets, so pick up a new set.  Hotels add throw pillows to their beds for a reason – they make the bed look comfortable and luxurious.  So find some throw pillows to make your bed more appealing.

If you want to splurge, get a down pillow top mattress pad to make your bed extra comfy.  Again, Pinterest can give you some great ideas to make the bed perfectly romantic and inviting.

Date Five – Try it out.

Does your bedroom look like you’ve always wanted it?  Well, then plan to spend a date night in it.  But this time, not working.

What have you done to make your bedroom more romantic?


Amber Schultz of Myth Busting Mommy; Schultz is a blogger and social media consultant specializing in everything mom.  When she’s not blogging, she’s engineering block towers, hiding veggies in macaroni, and singing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” repeatedly for her two toddlers.  Come and check her out at her blog Myth Busting Mommy.


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