Decorate with your GOALS in Mind

My happy place in our home is my office. Who would’ve thought that a room in the basement with no view, and that is intended for work is my favorite spot in our house? It’s my place to be creative. It’s my own (well, mostly my own) little nook. Although a mountain of laundry is visible from my door and the boys’ loud musings in the playroom penetrate the wall separating us, my office is my hideout, my refuge.

Here you’ll find me perched at my desk, behind my double screen computer system, with a cup of coffee or wine next to me. Worship music blasting from the speaker. Sunshine pouring in from the little basement window well. And I get to gaze upon my “goal wall”.



A couple years ago, as my husband and I were tackling our home office re-organization project, I started thinking about how I wanted the office decorated. And I realized that I didn’t need some pretty fluff hanging on the walls. I needed my purpose and my goals staring me in the face, speaking to my heart. Goals are aspirations for the future. The “why” behind your work. Your dreams and ambitions. Your focus. And friends, I cannot tell you how powerful it is to decorate with your goals in mind and have them in front of you every day.

I love the acronym for the word GOALS…

Goals acronym

Goals and living successfully aren’t just work terms to propel you forward. They are life terms. And whether it’s your office or your dining room, you can decorate with your goals in mind.

Your décor should do two things:

  • Say something about you.
  • Say something to you.

Décor tells a story about who you are. Decorating with pictures of family would say that you like to be surrounded by family and that it’s a priority to you. Beachy décor would suggest the beach makes you feel at peace or that it’s your happy place. Plants say that you appreciate nature enough to bring it in your home.

Décor colors do the same thing. Neutral walls and/or furniture with pops of accent color would suggest that you are classic, yet trendy and aren’t afraid to let your fun side show. Bold colors often equal a bold personality.

I could talk about this for hours. But what I really want to know is…


As I started picking pieces of décor for my office, I took a hard pause to think about why I was working. What does my writing, my blog, my work mean to me? What does it mean for my family? What do I want it to speak into the lives of those reading my blog and my books?

The answers to those questions were what needed to hang on the walls.

I needed to see my purpose. I needed to look into the eyes of the people I love the most and know that they are what I’m working for. I knew that’s what I needed to have in my face, driving me during those moments of writer’s block or procrastination, spurring me on in love.

My office décor now tells the story of the WHY I do what I do…

  • The pictures of my children remind me that I’m working and blogging and writing for them. I’m learning to be a better mom. To deal with my anger and anxiety and am helping other moms deal with theirs to create happier families.
  • One of the pictures of the boys has a small tagline under it that says, “Life is Beautiful”. The picture was taken several years ago at a cousin’s barn wedding reception. My children, after hours of running on the grassy lawn, raided the snack buffet with bowls of pretzels and cheese balls as their loot. Leaning against the rustic white barn boards, they gulped mugs of lemonade and found refreshment for their little bodies for round two of running. This picture reminds me that it’s the little things in life that bring the biggest joy and that no matter how sweaty and stinky and gross life can get, it is beautiful.
  • Another picture of the boys was taken during a family photo shoot. The photographer took the boys for a walk across the park to a trolley parked nearby. She allowed them to just be themselves. She captured their laughter and goofiness and “brotherly love”. It adorns the office wall to remind me that joy and laughter are only found in connection.
  • The caricature of Brad and I, drawn at a brand-to-blogger night out, depicts us in a “not too serious manner” and reminds me that both in life and in business, this man will always be beside me.
  • The U.S. silhouette represents where we came from and where we desire to go. Hubby grew up in Iowa. I grew up in Indiana. Three years after meeting in Indiana, we married in Chicago (half way between our families) and would later move our family to the burbs. We may have different backgrounds… country boy, small town girl… but no matter where we are, as long as we’re together, we’re home and traveling is our desire. We both have amazing memories of road trips with our families and want to give our boys the same experience. The U.S. is just the start of exploring the globe and experiencing the world together.
  • The family photo that includes my parents… my parents lived in Fort Wayne, Indiana for 7.5 years after Brad & I moved to the Chicagoland area. As an only child, I wanted my parents to live close. I wanted to be close to them to help them in their aging years. And, I wanted them to live close to fulfill their dream of living close to their grandchildren, to be able to watch their sporting events, to watch them grow, and to be part of their lives. And, lastly, I wanted to hire my mom to work on the blog with me. In May of 2018, that goal came true. My parents moved here and my mom joined my business team! It has been such a joy having them here and having her support in my business.
  • The “She believed she could, so she did” and “You Go Girl” signage… let’s just say a little inspiration goes a looooong way!
  • The perspective quote from Rachel Hollis has made a huge impact in my parenting. It reminds me that while my kids and the chaos of our life may make me crazy, it’s really a blessing and it’s my WHY in disguise.


Friends, this life is short. I don’t want to cloud my mind or my vision with trivial things. I want truth and love poured into my soul so I can pour it right back out into others. I especially want that message radiating in my home.

If I were to visit your home or your office, would you be able to share the story framed on your walls?

Need help decorating with your goals in mind? Ask yourself these questions…

  • Does my décor speak life to me?
  • Does it encourage me?
  • Is it a visual reminder of the person I am or the person I am striving to become?
  • Does it clearly display the WHY in my life? Or the people I do what I do for?


A home makeover is not necessary to position your goals in view. Of course, if you want it, you can totally lay the blame on me. I’m sure my hubby could easily start a support group for husbands of DIY wives.

However, just try adding a couple of these elements into your decor…

  • A plant or a flower patterned quilt could remind you to stop and smell the roses.
  • A family picture collage could remind you that your babies are growing quickly. Have you rushed past these precious moments in their lives or are you remembering to live in the moment?
  • A sign with a favorite Bible verse that reminds you that you are not alone in your struggles.
  • A photo of you on a vacation you really enjoyed to motivate you toward achieving travel goals.


I am reminded of Phillipians 4:8, “Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.”

Make your home’s story amazing. Make the story it tells you even more beautiful. Go out and live successfully.


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