diy art frames

DIY Art Frames;

Displaying your child’s artwork brings such pride to your little one.  It encourages their creativity and builds their confidence to see their masterpieces proudly displayed for all to see.  However, as a mom and home organizer, the multitude of artwork can become daunting as you ponder where to hang the newest piece.

Here is a colorful, inexpensive idea to decorate your home and showcase a special piece of your child’s artwork.


I found these wall hangings in the clearance section of Hobby Lobby.  While I had no interest in the crowns, I loved the colorful frames and thought they would work perfectly in my endeavor to brighten up our playroom.

Colorful art frame with crown;

All I needed to do to make these frames usable was remove the crowns.  Luckily, the crowns were only attached with a bolt and washer so removing it was super easy!

DIY Colorful Art Frames;

Removing the crown would mean there would be holes in the backing.  So I headed to the scrapbooking/paper crafting section of Hobby Lobby and found the perfect paper to cover the back with.  (Tip: picking a paper or backing without a patterned print will help your artwork/picture pop and will remove any unwanted busy-ness from your display.)

I did this project simultaneously with the Framed DIY Bulletin Board Art Display so the mini binder clips I purchased for it would also work with this project.


After I removed the crowns, I asked my hubby to drill a hole centered a 1 ½ inches from the top.  (Yes, this was only an inch or so above the previous hole, however, it met my needs better for this project.

Brad drilling holes for colorful art frames;

Then I measured the inside of the frame and cut the scrapbook paper to size.  I used scrapbook adhesive around all 4 edges of the paper to secure it in the frame.  (Note: make sure the paper fits in your frame before putting an adhesive on it to save yourself a sticky mess.)

Colorful art frame -- crown removed;    Colorful art frame with scrapbook paper;

I flipped the frame over and from the back, gently pushed the tip of a screw through the hole I wanted to use for the binder clip.  I only started pushed the screw through the paper just enough to start the hole.  Doing this insured I got the positioning right.  Then, turning the frame right-side-up, I held the mini binder clip on and put a short screw just through the back hole of the clip.  (Make sure your screw is not too long so it doesn’t scrap/hit the wall.)  I used a washer to secure the screw on the back of the frame.

Colorful art frame -- threading screw through;

The project was simple, unique, and inexpensive!  And I love being able to showcase one favorite piece of art from each of my boys in this special frame.

DIY Individual Art Frames;


Unfortunately these frames are no longer available for purchase.  However, you can make your own fabulous DIY projects with these few simple tips:

  • Sometimes when looking for a unique piece, you need to think outside the box.  If something catches your eye, but you’re not quite sold on it ask yourself, “How can I use this piece outside of its intended purpose?  What can I do to make it work in our home?”
  • If you stumble up a piece with an attachment, check out the back.  How is that extra piece attached?  Could you, if needed, replace the backing and still use the frame?  Think OUTSIDE the box!
  • Think through your process.  What will you need to make this piece work?  And how can you do it inexpensively?  (If you don’t have time to work through it all in the store, buy your main piece and then take it home to brainstorm and price shop for the extras to go with it.)
  • When I first saw them in the store, they were $5.60 each, but they only had two.  I went ahead and bought them and then I checked at another Hobby Lobby and found them marked down to $2.80!  If the piece you love is clearance out, don’t wait to buy it (even if they don’t have the quantity you want).  Sometimes by checking another store you can find more of the same piece or you can spend some time brainstorming and will find that mixing-and-matching pieces may be a better solution to suit your project.

What unique DIY projects have you done?






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