Drink More Water

Water is so good for our bodies, but why is it so hard to drink? Sure, a hot summer day or a sweat dripping workout makes it the best drink ever. But I find it a challenge to want to drink water, especially the recommended 8 glasses (64 ounces) a day. I need the Adam Sandler character, The Water Boy, following me around. Any time I reach for a diet soda or a glass of wine, he would be there with his H2O reminder. Of course, I’d probably want to slap him upside the head after a couple days of pushing water my way. So if you’re like me and need some motivation to drink more water… here’s 11 good reasons to drink the dang stuff!

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11 Reasons to Drink More Water



Your brain is an estimated 73-80% water. Just like any other organ, the brain is affected by a person’s lifestyle, diet, and exercise. Being dehydrated by as little as 2% may impair a person’s ability to perform tasks that involve attention, memory, and motor skills. Dehydration, because it impacts the flow of oxygen to the brain, causes your heart to work harder to pump oxygen to all your bodily organs, making you more tired and less alert (a.k.a. fatigue). In other words, drink water for a quick and easy energy booster!



Dehydration can have a noticeable effect on physical performance with just a 2% loss of your body’s water content. (Most athletes lose 6-10% of their water weight via sweat.) Even if you don’t consider yourself an athlete, you may notice altered body temperature, reduced motivation, and increased fatigue which makes any normal daily activity seem more difficult physically and mentally.



Hydrating helps relieve and/or prevent headaches (including migraines), and reduces the intensity and duration. Now that’s something to think about!



Make sure your bathroom is stocked with TP and magazines. You’re gonna be in there regularly. Yup, drinking water aids in food digestion and is recommended as constipation treatment. It may be crappy to talk about, but I couldn’t leave this one out.



While we’re talking bodily functions, let’s not forget that water gets rid of waste through sweat and urination. Think of it this way… the more water you drink, the less likely your kidneys are to crystallize minerals that form clumps (kidney stones). You can literally pass on the kidney stones (and urinary tract infections).



Yes, water can help you lose weight! Drinking water 30 minutes before a meal makes you feel more full and reduces your hunger (natural appetite suppressant) so you eat fewer calories. It also boosts your metabolism and has zero calories! And if consumed cold, uses additional energy (ahem, calories) to heat it up to body temp!

Of course, water itself won’t make the weight fall off, but it’s a darn good start. Pair it with healthy eating and a good ol’ trip to the gym and you’ll find yourself looking and feeling better. (Sorry to use the G-word… GYM. If you need some motivation getting yourself there, check out the 11 reasons I go to the gym. If nothing else, it’s good for a giggle.)



Muscles are about 80% water. Water acts a lubricant around your muscle and joints which helps prevent cramping, joint pain and strain. So… you can work harder and longer. Well, if you want to.



While the debate stands as to whether water really gives your skin a glow, it is true that without adequate water intake, skin appears duller, and wrinkles and pores more prominent. Plus, when skin is hydrated, plump, and elastic, it’s less likely to crack and let in external particles that can cause irritations and blemishes. So yah, I think it’s safe to say that water keeps the withering away and is a pretty good anti-aging treatment!



Yes, I said that outloud. In case you’re like me and enjoy a good bottle glass of wine, you should know that alcohol is a diuretic. In other words, it removes water from the body through increased urination. Losing more water than you take in equals dehydration which equals a hangover. Drinking water in between cocktails to help reduce hangovers. And while you’re in chugging  mode… chug a glass of water before bed too. You’ll feel better in the morning!



Dehydration causes stress. It’s true. Dehydration increases the production of the stress hormone, cortisol. So keeping yourself hydrated keeps you better able to handle everyday situations. And when your mind and body are happily fueled with water… you can’t help but be happy!



Water is FREE! Well… unless you’re a water snob and gotta buy bottled. In which case, a whole house water filter or a faucet filter will save some serious green in both your wallet and the environment.


Still can’t get yourself pumped up to make the plunge to consume more water? Try infused water. Ahhhhhh… it’s like a spa day for your taste buds. Water naturally infused with fruits or veggies or both! You’re welcome!

Hoping you stay happy, healthy, and hydrated!


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