Father’s Day Fruit Platter

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It’s no surprise that most guys like to eat!  So as you’re preparing a Father’s Day feast of meat and potatoes, why not add a colorful fruit platter? It’s personalized for Dad, it brings a big smile to the kids’ faces, plus it’s fun to make… so it’s a win for all!

You can customize the fruit to your family’s preference.  However, you will want at least 3 contrasting colors so your letters pop!  Also, choosing a small berry like blueberries or raspberries for the word ‘DAD’ is best.  Their uniform shape and size allow for better control in shaping your letters.

Here’s how to make your own Father’s Day Fruit Platter…



1 pint blueberries

1 pound strawberries

1 cantaloupe, cut into chunks



How To

Using a glass platter, start laying out the first ‘D’ in blueberries.   Depending on the size of the platter, I would suggest going at least 2 blueberries wide for the letters.

My platter had a bit of a curved edge on it which made the blueberries want to roll a little.  If needed, use the cantaloupe (or whatever fruit you choose for the inside of the D) to hold the blueberries in place.

After all the letters are formed, slice strawberries and carefully place in between and around the letters.  Think of this like a puzzle, twisting and turning the strawberries to fill in all the gaps so that the platter is barely visible.



I took the remaining fruit and tossed it together as a fruit salad which we ate first so as to leave the Dad platter to adorn the table.

BTW… you’ll want to make sure and keep your platter out of reach of little hands until Dad sees it.  And since most men just see “FOOD!” when they look at the table, you might want to point out this beautiful platter to your wonderful hubby or Dad!

Happy eating and Happy Father’s Day celebration!



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