24 Football Sunday Snacks

Are you ready for some football? Whether you’re gearing up for the Super Bowl, tailgating, hubby’s Monday night in the mancave, or simply a Sunday football afternoon, one thing is certain… you’ll need some fantastic football foods to keep the crowd happy.  Even if the game isn’t a win, the snacks sure will be!

These fantastic Football Sunday Snacks are going to have everyone in the house cheering! And if you’re like me and football isn’t your jam, just make ’em anyways! Heck, we sometimes just have appetizer meals in our house!

Although chips and dip are always a popular choice, they are a little overdone and overrated. If I’m going to consume that many calories, it’s not going to be on greasy chips! Mama wants some good appetizers and chocolate!

Soooooo…. what does a woman do when she needs a new recipe? She surfs Pinterest for hours parusing through the endless possibilities of finger foods, appetizers and snacks! Seriously, it completely amazes me what recipes have been concocted for another variation of chicken wings,  miniature hot dogs, and the 3,000 ways to make guacamole!

So today, I rounded up 24 fantastic football snack ideas from around the internet and I’ve added our personal favorites. Let me tell you… there’s gonna be some good football eatin’ going on!

Football snacks and appetizers


24 Football Sunday Snacks

Football Cheesecake Bites | scrappygeek.com

Bacon Appetizer Crescents | whoneedsacape.com

Cream Cheese Wrapped Olives | bunnyswarmoven.com

Easy Cheesy Pizza Dip | cincyshopper.com

Veggie Pizza Bites | cincyshopper.com

Bacon Jam | bunnyswarmoven.com

Spinach Dip Bread Bowl | just2sisters.com

Brownie Batter Dessert Hummus | avirtualvegan.com

Copycat Fritos Bean Dip Recipe | thriftyjinxy.com

Fried Macaroni Cheese Bites Recipe | thriftyjinxy.com

BBQ Chicken and Bacon Totchos | sometimes-homemade.com

Dressed Up Guacamole | gardenmatter.com

5 Ingredient White Queso | thebakingfairy.net

Soft Pretzels Beer Cheese | thebakingfairy.net

Pimento Cheese Appetizer Recipes | sunshinemomma.com

Pepperoni Cheese Puffs | accidentalhappybaker.com

Fire Roasted Game Day Salsa | dfwdad.com

Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Wings | drugstoredivas.net

Mini BLT Wraps | afewshortcuts.com

Poblano Chicken Taco Cups | afewshortcuts.com


And… our FAVORITIST game day food choices:


Game Day Wing recipes

20 Game Day Wing Recipes… so many deliclious flavors you won’t be able to pick just one!



Spicy Jalapeno Pretzels

Spicy Jalapeño Pretzels

OMGee! These little zingers are always a huge hit with our guests! It’s a little ranch, and a little salt and butter topped off with a jalapeño punch of heat at the end! Sooooo good!



Cheesy Bacon Ranch Dip

Cheesy Bacon Ranch Dip

Anything made with bacon is the best, but seriously this dip will knock your socks off! And the best part is… it’s healthy! Your guests will love that it’s big on taste, but low in calories!



Meatball slider

Ultimate Meatball Sliders… this little sandwich is a big win!


Happy eating, friends! Hope your football snacks are a huge score!


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