Freedom. Let’s take a few minutes to reflect on it. What does freedom mean to you?

For me… I am free to worship as I choose, to pray with my children, to read my Bible, to speak about my religion. I am free to write this blog to you. To express my heart and mind publicly. I am free to speak my opinion about our government, to vote for our nation’s leaders. I am free to speak up against injustice and to fight for what is morally right. I am free from the persecution that is known by many in other countries.



Today, Veteran’s Day, is set aside as a day to be thankful for the sacrifice of our service men and women who have dedicated their selves for our nation’s freedom… for my freedom.

I will never fully understand what these heroes have sacrificed and endured.

I have never been through basic training, pushing myself toward prime physical condition to proficiently maneuver through enemy territory, learn to handle weapons and have the strength to do so, and to physically defend myself. I have never been mentally trained and prepared for battle, to think with clarity in the face of life threatening surroundings.

I am a stranger to the skill of flying, learning in-air combat tactics. I don’t have sea legs or the knowledge of how a battleship silently stalks the open sea for strategic offensive and defensive approaches.

I don’t know what it feels like to leave my family for drills or deployment, missing out on children’s birthdays, holidays, or as a daddy unable to welcome my precious baby into the world.

I have never heard the sounds of arterial shells going off in the distance while I lay trying to sleep on a cot that has now become my bed. I have never gone to the front line and braved the enemy face-to-face. I have never mourned the life of a fallen soldier whom I served with. And I have not had to live with these images that have been permanently engraved in my memory.



I am extremely thankful for our active duty service men and women and for our Veterans. Thank you for your dedication and sacrifice to protect our land of liberty and for defending our personal freedoms. Thank you for answering this call for duty. I appreciate the freedoms you have afforded me and my family.

To my Dad (pictured above), a member of the 62nd engineer battalion who served in Vietnam, thank you for serving our country. Thank you for your determination and bravery, and for defending what is right in the world. You will forever be a hero in our hearts.


Want a great Veteran’s Day craft to do with your kids? Check out our Handprint Flag Cards and our Veteran’s Day Craft… Christmas cards for troops & veterans that we’ve made as part of the Red Cross’s Holiday Mail for Heroes program. Plus, craft time is a great “talk time” for kids. Talk about who the cards are going to and the important role our troops & veterans play! This is a great way to honor those who are and who have served our country. I hope we have lots of other moms & kids joining us in this activity!


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