Glimmering Easter Egg Garland

Your home will sparkle with the beauty of the Easter holiday with this beautiful Glimmering Easter Egg Garland! I did this project with our oldest child when he was only 2 ½ years old. Even now, years later, it is one of my most cherished crafting memories of a project we worked on together!

Decorating Easter eggs is always such fun… mixing colors, adding fun designs, having the whole family around the kitchen island working together. What I love about this project is that it was a together project… mommy needed to poke the holes and help hold the paint covered eggs while the child’s creativity is expressed in the painting/decorating the eggs. Plus, the simplicity of the project allows for a great chance to talk about Easter and why we celebrate it!



Paper Mache eggs  (I used both large & small eggs)

Crafting paint in light Eastery colors

Painting supplies – foam brush, paint brushes, dabbers


Pencils or paintbrushes to hold eggs so they can dry

Jar or container for pencils large enough to hold/seperate painted eggs



Make It

Using a Phillip’s head screwdriver, poke holes in the egg. After I poked the first hole, I pushed the screwdriver through the egg far enough to make a mark/dent on the opposite side of the eggs so that my holes were lined up. However, I poked the holes from the outside of the egg so that any “rough” spots were not visible on the outside of the egg.

Let your little one get creative! Depending on how old your child is, you could try a variety of painting techniques:

  • Squirt paint in a Ziploc bag and let your child roll the egg around in the paint. This allows for independent  “painting” if they are still little.
  • Paint the egg with a paintbrush/foam brush.
  • Experiment with dabbers, sponges, and dipping to paint with.

Collage of Connor painting paper mache Easter Eggs.


Decorate the eggs with color! While we did leave some of our eggs a solid color, we added some fun decorating and color too!

  • Use dabbers to dot solid-colored eggs.
  • Make multi-colored eggs by first painting the egg a solid color. After it dries, put a rubber band at the spot you want your line and paint one side a different color.
  • Use a sponge to give your egg a marbled look.
  • Free paint your own designs!

Connor sponge dabbing Easter Eggs.


Glitter wet eggs with iridescent glitter. Connor sprinkled the eggs first while I turned them around so he could get all sides. Then I did a second sprinkling to make sure we covered the entire egg. (Note: on multi-colored eggs, after the second color has been applied, go back and lightly “repaint” the first color. This way the entire egg is wet and the glitter will adhere.)

Set your eggs up to dry.
I found that if I laid our glittered eggs down, we lost both paint and glitter. So I made our own drying system by sticking unused paintbrushes and pencils through the holes and setting them in a cup to dry.

Paint drying system


Thread a ribbon through the holes of the eggs. I cut our ribbon extra long because I used the Phillip’s screwdriver to poke the ribbon through the holes and it sometimes made a hole in the ribbon or frayed it. Making the ribbon extra long allowed me to cut off the torn up end after all the eggs were threaded. Once the eggs are threaded, you can slide the eggs along the ribbon for the spacing you like.


Pinnable Pinterest picture.


Decorate your home! In our previous home, we had a fireplace and we draped the mantel with our Glimmering Easter Egg garland. Our current home has a doorway that is adorned with our garland.

May your home glimmer with all the beauties of Easter!


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