Great Big Hairy Spider Craft

Great Big Hairy Spiders are crawling with Halloween crafting fun that your kiddos will love… big time!

Great Big Hairy Spider Craft;

My boys have a thing for spiders. They love to hide their big rubbery spider to scare us. One of their favorite songs is “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” and now the re-make I made up for them called “The Great Big Hairy Spider.” The boys also have fantastic spider finding skills. Poor little thing could be curled up in a corner behind a basket of toys that are rarely played with and my boys’ spider radar goes off immediately. Thankfully, my boys are also fantastic at getting a tissue and “taking care of it” themselves. (Yes, yes… call the spider police. We don’t co-habitat with insects in our home.)

Since we don’t do scary Halloween at our house, adding fake spiders to our décor is great fun for the boys. So how perfect was this spider craft Grandma made up for the boys?!

(BTW… kudos to my mom! She is an awesome crafter with my boys! I LOVE the ideas she comes up with for them! And so do the boys!)


Spider Craft -- Grandma & the boys; 

Great Big Hairy Spider

What you’ll need:

1 ½” circle cut from black cardstock paper

Large black pom-pom

2 small googly eyes

4 black pipe cleaners

Glue or glue dots

Optional: Additional adhesive – glue, glue dots, and/or tape to adhere pipe cleaners


How to make your spider:

  1. Fold the black cardstock circle on one side to create a small flap. 
  2. Glue the pom-pom so it is centered over the unfolded section of the cardstock circle.
  3. Glue 2 small googly eyes on the flap of the black cardstock circle.
  4. Line up all 4 pipe cleaners. Twist them twice in the middle.
  5. Adhere the pipe cleaners to the bottom of the black cardstock circle. (Our glue didn’t hold so we taped our pipe cleaners on with packing tape. I would recommend duct tape if you are taping.)
  6. Next, you’ll be making two bends in the pipe cleaners to make knees and feet.
    Knees: Holding all 4 pipe cleaners in your hand, bend them over your finger. This just assures they are bent at the same spot.
    Feet: About ½” in from the end, bend the pipe cleaner out/up to create feet. I bent each foot individually since you may have to “fudge” the bed a little so that the spider sits more evenly.


Little Hairy Spider;

To vary the size of spider, consider these options:

  • Cut down the pipe cleaners. Our little spider was made by cutting 2 pipe cleaners cut in half.
  • Change the size of the black cardstock circle and pompom.



Great Big Hairy Spider Song 

For more Great Big Hairy Spider fun, try out this song with your kids!  You’ll be tickling, they’ll be giggling! (Sing to the tune of The Itsy Bitsy Spider.)


The great big hairy spider crawled up and down <insert child’s name>’s back. (Tickle your child’s back by crawling your fingers up & down.)

It scared Mom so much that she gave that spider a smack. (Pretend to smack a spider on the child’s back.)

Then the spider bit him/her and nibbled on him/her some more. (Lightly pinch the child’s back.)

So Mommy took that spider and squished him on the floor. (Pretend throw it on the floor.)


Hope your day is crawling with fun with these Great Big Hairy Halloween Spiders!



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