Hello Cheesecake… Goodbye Food Allergies!

Daiya Cheezecake; msalishacarlson.com/I like adore cheesecake. It is my dessert downfall. My absolute favorite. My I-could-eat-the-whole-thing-in-one-sitting dessert! Therefore, when I was invited to a food launch by Daiya Foods, I was ecstatic.

Most of the recipes I blog are make-at-home, low/no-sugar added, (mostly) healthy foods. Our family is lucky in the fact that my children (well, sans my littlest child) are not picky eaters and none of us have severe food allergies. However, as I’m posting recipes and sharing with you all, several of you have shared some of the food concerns and allergies you contend with in cooking for your family.

Daiya’s SayCheezecake invitation addressed many of the allergies you have shared with me. I couldn’t wait to check it out and give you the lowdown. Although, to be honest, I didn’t know anything about the company prior to receiving the invite. The invitation had me at cheesecake, food launch, night out, downtown Chicago! (I’m easy, what can I say). After trying Daiya Foods I have fallen in love with them… and I know you will too!

Why? All their products are dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free. Yet, although the products are allergen free, they are not lacking any flavor. At the launch, hubby and I were served many delicious appetizers including Cheese & Asparagus Quesadillas that were just awesome and made with dairy-free cheese. Who knew?!

So here we are, hubby and I at the launch of Daiya’s cheesecake line and it was fabulous… wine, champagne, and lots of delicious cheesecake! It was bliss. As I walk you through the Daiya Cheezecakes I’ll give you three descriptions… Daiya’s write up, my opinion, and my hubby’s (BTW… he’s an engineer and a man of few words).

Daiya Cheezecake food launch; msalishacarlson.com/


New York Style…

Daiya – Let the smooth, silky texture and classic flavor of New York-style cheesecake act as a blank canvas for whatever fresh fruit, syrup or sprinkles tickle your fancy. Or, you know, just enjoy it as it is. Either way, we bet you’ll soon believe in love at first bite.

Mine – Hello delicious! Creamy, smooth… can’t tell it’s FREE of all the “extras”!

Hubby – Smooth, thick & creamy.



Daiya – Attention chocoholics: This one is for your. Boasting a signature blend of cocoa and carob powders, the luxurious chocolate flavor is unlike any other. It’s decadent, rich, indulgent – and once you’ve tried it, you’ll wonder how you ever celebrated an occasion without it.

Mine – Rich & silky… absolutely delicious!

Hubby – Milk chocolatey without being overpowering.


Key Lime…

Daiya – Bold and festive, this cheesecake is like a trip to the topics. Tart and tangy meets smooth and creamy to create a uniquely delicious flavor that will (much like a beach getaway) have your guests reminiscing for days.

Mine – Just the perfect blend of tangy lime and tropical sensationed goodness! Perfect for a summer get together!

Hubby – A nice “bite” of lime at the finish.



Daiya – With its sweet, fruity flavor and eye-catching hue, pretty-in-pink strawberry is poised to steal the show. Bring it to your next dinner party and you’ll have everyone asking which fancy, schmancy bakery you stopped at on your way there.

Mine – Light and refreshing. Would be perfect for a bridal or baby shower, or well… anytime!

Hubby – Like strawberry ice cream.


So what do you need to know about Daiya’s Cheezecake? They are dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free with an Artisan Gluten-Free crust. AND… they’re so deliciously rich and creamy, you’ll never know it’s not dairy!

Whether you like to delicately decorate your dessert or indulge in all four flavors at once, you can finally say “Hello Cheezecake… goodbye allergens!”

Daiya Cheezecake super stack; msalishacarlson.com/


Now, don’t just take my word on how delicious Daiya’s Cheezecake is… check out this video of the food launch and hear what other bloggers have to say. (BTW… I’m the one at the end that said “I’d steal a table if I could”… meaning a dessert table. Right after it I said “There is a flavor for every occasion!” Nothing like sounding like a clepto on YouTube! LOL)





So… is your mouth watering yet? Good! Because here’s your chance to win FREE cheesecake!

Yes… Daiya Foods and I are partnering up to give two lucky winners two complimentary Daiya Cheezecake coupons so you can try out these dessert delicacies for yourself! (Each coupon is valued at $10.)


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