I’m NOT a Pinterest Mom

I’m not a Pinterest mom and I don’t care. Pinterest may just be the root of all evils to a mom’s self-esteem. I absolutely adore Pinterest, don’t get me wrong. I have a personal and blogging Pinterest account. I post to Pinterest. I pin from Pinterest. I find lots of great recipes and craft ideas on Pinterest. However, my identity doesn’t come from Pinterest.

How many times have you gone online to look for birthday party ideas, but shut the computer feeling like a failure? Not because you couldn’t find what you were looking for. Trust me, out of the gazillion ideas available, I’m sure you came away inspired for your project.

Instead, the failure you’re feeling is that of self-worth.

I don’t do crafts with my kids.

I’m not creative enough for these DIY projects.

My home isn’t decorated like a magazine cover.


And our mind instantly computes what seems like a mom fail to us into lie that says, “I must not be a good mom.”

Girl, we are not going to buy into this! Nope. Not going to happen.


Not a Pinterest Mom pinnable Pinterest image

Your worth does not lie at the click of a Pin.

You don’t have to be the first to create a new idea or recipe. You don’t have to have all the answers to parenting. You don’t have to wear the newest styles that cost hundreds of dollars and will be “outdated” in just a few months.

I’m not any of those things. And although I love hanging out with Pinterest, enjoying a glass of wine and my big wooly blanket, at the end of our time together I’m still me… not the master of bacon wrapped goodness or picture frame making.

If I succeed in spending more time with my boys doing activities, my laundry pile is probably big enough to devour my smallest child and the dust on our furniture looks like newly fallen snow.

If my house is immaculate, I’ve probably spent the day yelling at my kids because I’ve been too preoccupied with cleaning. Or I’ve played drill sergeant and put the boys to work.

My boys are more than excited if I do an actual craft with them. (Thank goodness for Grandma’s awesome ideas and crafting time since it lacks at our house.)

Most of my projects come out like a sarcastic “nailed it” version of the idealistic version found online. But none of us post those pictures, do we?

Speaking of pictures… here’s a huge confession from both myself and my blogging girlfriends: We either edit the clutter out of the pictures you see or we’ve stashed it somewhere else in the house!

Instead of looking to fit in to the perfect Pinterest culture, I am throwing a non-manicured hand toward the computer screen and giving it a big old “uh-uh”. I’m not buying it.

Unless I hit the lottery (which I don’t play) or have someone volunteer to clean my house, plant my garden, wipe my boys’ snotty noses, and pamper me all day… I’m not going to have it all. And I’m okay with that.

I know that my identity doesn’t come from what society tells me it should be. It’s not from how many social media followers I have (although I do love you all) or how many Pins are on my boards. My identity comes from my Maker. It’s a pact that He and I have. I am going to be the best mom, the best wife, the best person that I can be and do it authentically because that’s what I am called to do.

So moms, I challenge you to put on your prettiest big girl panties, put down the computer, and be the best version of you that YOU can be… NOT what Pinterest or social media tries to tell you that you should be. Be the YOU that you were made to be!


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