Infused Water

I want to want to drink water. I really do. But well, water is boring. I like sparkle and bubbles and flavor and pizzazz in my beverages. Regular water just doesn’t have that. And you have to be careful when buying sparkling water to make sure that the only thing making the water so sparkling and yummy is natural flavors, not the fake sugars hidden in them. Yah, aspartame, I’m talking to you!

But infused water… now that’s the best of both worlds… it’s flavorful and healthy! It’s surprisingly simple to make! And it actually gets me to drink all that darn water that both my body and my brain need to perform at it’s best!

So I’ve scoured the web and found some super delish infused water flavor concoctions that you may have never thought of and will absolutely love!

BTW… if you need some persuasion to drink more water, you’ll want to check out these 11 kick-butt reasons to consume more H2O.


Infused water


INFUSED WATER RECIPES… water you’ll want to drink!

Strawberry Lemon and Basil by Natasha’s Kitchen

Watermelon Mint by Eat Drink Love

Tomato Basil by Food Network

Raspberry Rose Petal and Vanilla by She Who Eats

Watermelon Coconut Agua Fresca by Kitchen Treaty

Lavender Lemonade by Eat Yourself Silly

Watermelon Basil by Natasha’s Kitchen

Blueberry Orange Water by The Peach Kitchen

Lemon and Raspberry by Lezoemusings

Raspberry Orange by Food Network

Mojito Water by Sugar and Soul Co

Pear Vanilla by Tasty Yummies

Apple Cinnamon Water by Self Proclaimed Foodie

Rainbow Citrus by The Pretty Bee

Strawberry Jalapeno by The View from Great Island

Strawberry Cucumber by Food Network

Lemon and Lime Water by House of Treats

Blueberry Raspberry by Desert Chica

Lime Water by Self Proclaimed Foodie

Sweet and Fruity by Paleohacks

Cherry Mint by Little House Living

Blackberry Mint by Purely Katie

Pomegranate Lime by Make Life Lovely

Rosemary Grapefruit by Kojo Designs

Peach and Sage by Styleblueprint

Cucumber Lavender Mint by What’s Cooking America

Cherry and Lime by Budget Savvy Diva

Pineapple Mint by Martha Stewart


Cheers to keeping healthy and hydrated, my friend! <clink>


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