Our Journey of Ethan’s Head Surgery… Craniosynostosis: Thursday

Craniosynostosis -- Thursday;  msalishacarlson.com/

Thursday morning the plastic surgeon came to check on his patient. From a medical standpoint, Ethan was doing great and could be discharged. However, even the doctor saw the pain on Ethan’s face and agreed that pain wise, he was not ready to leave so we would be staying another day to help with pain management. His swelling had gone down quite a bit and he was really coming back into his self. Smiling, kicking, cooing. I felt such a relief.

Craniosynostosis -- Ethan peacefully sleeping;  msalishacarlson.com/
So Thursday became our lazy day. I held Ethan most of the day. The doctors and nurses let him come off the monitors so we could cuddle our little guy. It was so sweet to kick back and take a little nap with him sleeping on my chest. We just watched movies (or HGTV) most of the day. Brad & I played a couple games. We just spent time together. No monitors going off. No nurses in constantly checking on us. It was just us most of the day.

Craniosynostosis -- Our day together;  msalishacarlson.com/

I am thankful for our time together. We were soooooo thankful and appreciative of all the Care Packages given to us. I had emailed in to Cranio Care Bears before Ethan’s surgery who so kindly mailed us a care package of goodies including lotions, snacks, a sleeper for Ethan, and my favorite thing… a prayer chain which hung on Ethan’s bed during after he came out of surgery. AND… my Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) group put together a package with games, snacks, stationary, nail polish, fuzzy hospital socks, a gift card, and cute little notes that made us feel loved. The care packages made what could have been a really long hard time, something nice that we could enjoy together!

Then came the highlight of the day… I saw the back of Ethan’s head for the first time. Sounds funny, but since holding him, I had only seen him from the front or the side. But as I was readjusting him, I saw the back of his head. It was perfectly round. There was no bump protruding. No funny shape. And I just cried. Happy tears spilled down my face. I was thrilled!

Craniosynostosis -- Alisha seeing the back of Ethan's head for the 1st time;  msalishacarlson.com/

I was so thankful for the skill of the doctors’ hands. And so thankful for Ethan’s healing!


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