License Plate Game (printable)

Road trip… this phrase is loaded with memories. Whether it’s your first road trip with your spouse, that crazy road trip with college friends that you shouldn’t talk about in front of your parents, packing your kiddos up, or remembering back to when you were a kid smooshed into the back seat of the station wagon between your siblings… there’s something special about a road trip. One of the things that make it fun (besides riding with your head out the window or singing at the top of your lungs) are the games you play. Take for instance, the License Plate Game…

License Plate Game;

During my first road trip with my husband, he taught me the “License Plate Game”. That was 13 years ago on an 8-hour road trip. Now, living in Chicago, we play it every time we leave the house and oddly enough it doesn’t get old. (Well at least not for me since I’ve become a pro and totally kick hubby’s butt! LOL)

I think what I love about this game is that it gets your eyes off of a screen (be it a cell phone, tablet, laptop, or video screen) and looking out at the beautiful countryside you’re driving across. It gives you a way to connect with your road trip partners. And well, who doesn’t like holding over someone’s head that you found the only Alaska plate on the trip! Whoop, whoop!

Plus, this version adds a little twist to the License Plate Game… learning geography! Print this map of the US and Canada for your next road trip, then once you’ve spotted a new plate, find the state on the map and check it off!

For printable, click the map below…

License Plate Game;


Traveling with kids? Here are some fantastic printable activity packs to print out and take along. They’ll love the activities, you’ll be grateful for a few minutes of quiet. A win for the whole family!



Superhero Activity Pack;






Have a safe and happy road trip, friends!

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