makeover monday: kitchen evaluation

Kitchen Organization -- Evaluation;

Before we can start organizing and decluttering your kitchen, we need to walk through your kitchen’s layout, discuss its many functions, and create zones/boundaries for each of those functions.

The kitchen has undeniably earned the title “the heart of the home” for several reasons.  First, food unites people.  Whether it is your immediate family, extended family, or friends that you break bread with, the wonderful scents that invite us to the table opens hearts and deepens bonds of love and friendship.  Secondly, most of us would have to admit we spend a lot of time in the kitchen and obviously we’re not eating all the time (or for our waistline’s sake, let’s hope not).  So what do you do in the kitchen?  What roles does it play in your life and in your family’s?

Please print out and use the following checklist/evaluation sheet to help you best manage and organize your kitchen space.

What characteristic do you like most about your kitchen?

What do you least like about your kitchen?

Do you feel you have adequate counter space for cooking?

What items do you have sitting on your countertop?

Do you need those items on your countertop?  How often do you used those items?  Are they there for decoration?

What type of clutter do you find in your kitchen?

Besides cooking, what other activities take place in the kitchen?

□     Homework

□     Arts & crafts

□     Computer/work

□     Bill paying

□     Mail opening

□     Other

Is there anywhere else in the house that the above items could be done?

Where does your family typically eat?  The table, the kitchen island, the sofa, outdoors, other.

Do you feel there is adequate space for….

Yes     No               Pantry/food items

Yes     No               Dishes

Yes     No               Pots & pans

Yes     No               Lids

Yes     No               Tupperware

Yes     No               Small appliances

Are there items you are storing in the kitchen that rarely get used and could be stored elsewhere?

I would also suggest discussing a few of these questions with your spouse or roommate.  The house should be comfortable and work for all members of the family.

Next week we will start hands-on organizing.  Please keep this eval sheet handy and refer to it as we go through the kitchen series so you can focus your attention on conquering those trouble spots.  And please, if you have questions or there is a specific zone you would like me to cover, leave me a message.

I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and get to work with you!


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