Need to De-Stress?

“Momma needs some sanity!” I’m seriously considering getting this tattooed on my forehead! I’m sure I’m not the only mom who has desperately begged to go to the bathroom alone, feels like they’re going insane from toddlers asking questions, or who needs an escape from a crazy busy life! We all need to de-stress!

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I’m a boy mom. My little guys (ages 3, 5 and 7) have been described by friends as “all boy”. Sweet as can be, leave these three to play in the backyard and you’ll soon see anything from a soccer match, a full-contact football game, climbing anything possible, wrestling with each other, and are probably completely covered in dirt. Hands rarely stay to themselves, I’m constantly repeating “Don’t touch your brother” or “Keep your hands to yourself”!

Day after day, I clean Cheerios off the floor, clean grass stains off jeans, and clean bathrooms. I stop fights, start homework, start dinner, and do it all with a happy face. But what do I do for me?

I teach Zumba at the YMCA which I say is my way to de-stress.  My hour workout clears my head and re-energizes my body. However, it doesn’t relax me. It doesn’t release the stress I hold between my shoulder blades. It doesn’t let my mind shut off or allow for quiet meditation.

It’s usually not until I’m having this “Mommy needs some sanity!” meltdown that I treat myself. Some days my treat is a mocha latte from my favorite coffee shop. Some days running errands alone (yes, the grocery store without kids is a treat). And on really rare or special occasions, my treat is a massage.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how lovely a massage is, but let me remind you. A hint of lavender greets you as you enter the spa. Now envision lying on the massage table, tucked into a bed of warm blankets with soft music surrounding you. You’re already starting to relax. Then soft yet firm hands begin kneading your overly tired muscles. Your breathing slows. Your heartrate slows. And slowly your body and mind release the tension you’ve been carrying as you drift into a state of complete relaxation.


While the whisper of “your session has ended” comes too soon, the effects of the massage continue on. I’m ready to face my family again. I’m relaxed and pleasant. I sleep better that evening.

And all because I spent an hour taking care of me.

So what is the de-stressing solution? Total Body Care.

Caring for yourself isn’t just a one & done thing. It doesn’t mean just “treating” yourself. It’s a routine nurturing of your physical body, your mental health, and your emotional well-being. And to think we can achieve total body care through massage!

So why don’t we do it regularly?

Let me guess… it’s because we’re busy. We’re moms. We have to make sure our kids our fed, out the door and to school on time. We have housework and homework to work on daily. We have meals to cook and babies to rock and a pile of laundry so big your kids could sled on it. We don’t take time for ourselves because we’re busy looking after others… and sometimes it’s just “because”.

Girlfriends, I get it. As you’ve just read, I’m right there with you. That’s why I’m thrilled to partner with Massage Envy in their “Because” campaign.

What if we turn all of our excuses into reasons why we should take time for a massage? Moms, you need a massage BECAUSE…

  • Because you’re a mom! No explanation needed.
  • Because your body works hard for you. Whether it’s working out of the home, in the home, and all the other things you do… life gives your body a workout.
  • Because we can’t overlook our own journey of leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • Because of the benefits of massage. Just check out some of the ways you benefit…

Reduces depression, anxiety and stress
Releases endorphins and enhances mood
Improves posture
Enhances skin tone and promotes healthy skin
Boosts immunity
Loosens tight muscles
Promotes sleep quality
Improves productivity and concentration
Boosts energy while inducing mental relaxation

  • Because no one can put a price on mental clarity and being stress-free!


So stop “treating” yourself and start taking care of yourself! Heck, put “Total Body Care Massage” at the top of your Christmas wish list! Your mind, body, and family will be better for it!

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