Outta This World Lunchbox Love Notes

Outta This World Lunchbox Love Notes polaroid graphic; msalishacarlson.com/ “Someone hid a note inside my lunchbox!” said my Kindergartner with a rather irritated tone.

“Really?” I asked. “What does it say?”

“I don’t know. Someone hid a note in my lunchbox!” he repeated still agitated.

When I told him it was me, his face softened happy at the fact that no one had sabotaged his lunch but still baffled by why I would put a note in there. I read him the note: Have a GREAT first day! He smiled yet still wanted to know why I put it in there. 

“Mommy just wanted you to know I was thinking about you and that I love you. I thought this would be a nice reminder.”

Every day since as I’m packing his lunch in the morning he tells me, “Pack me a note, Mom!”

So as long as he keeps lovin’ them, I’ll keep making ’em and starting this week, I’ll also be putting them in my preschoolers’ lunchbox. So for my stellar little ones and yours, here are some lunchbox love notes that are outta this world!


(click graphic for free printable)

Outta This World Lunchbox Love Notes printable preview; msalishacarlson.com/


 Just print, cut, and hide these little encouraging notes for the loves in your life!



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