Rockin’ Awesome Lunchbox Love Notes

Rockin' Awesome Lunchbox Love Notes (free printable); makes you feel better than knowing you are loved. It’s even more important for your kids to feel loved. What a better way to help them have a rockin’ awesome day than with lunchbox love notes?!

Even though my boys can’t read on their own, opening their lunchbox and finding a bright, colorful picture in front of them is enough of a reminder of how much mommy loves them. (And most teachers will read the note for a young child.)

Keep in mind that love notes aren’t just for lunchboxes. They are for every where! Tape one to the bathroom mirror for your kids or spouse. Stick one in a briefcase or backpack. Lay it on the seat of the car, tuck one in the pocket of your child’s shorts, hide one in the bookshelf or in an underwear drawer! A surprise love note is always a welcome gift!


(click graphic for free printable)

Rockin' Awesome Lunchbox Love Notes printable preview;


Just print, cut, and hide these little encouraging notes for the loves in your life!



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