One Simple Solution to Clean Up Messy Kids

Kids make messes. It starts when their little cuteness enters the world and they have their first tinkle. And it does not stop. Whether its a PB&J sandwich smeared across their cheeks or the surprise blowout you find on their other cheeks, as a parent you realize that where your darling child is, there will also be something to clean up or wipe down! What you might not have recognized is the one simple solution to cleaning up after these little mess makers may just be a reach away.

Simple Solution to Clean Up Messy Kids;

This post was sponsored by WaterWipes as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

As a mom, I look at these messy little surprises and am torn between feeling blessed for the family that I get to care for… and overwhelmed by the extra work that comes with such adorable little creatures. Then I realized that I had a really simple solution to cleaning up after messy kids since the day they were born! That’s why our grocery list reads like this:

Peanut butter
Baby wipes

Yes, even with our boys at ages 3, 5, and 7, baby wipes are a still staple for our family! From the container in the van for wiping up snack covered hands and faces, to the container in the bathroom for wiping bottoms, to the container on our patio that washes away dirt from sweaty little boys looking for worms… and all the other 3,000 ways we use wipes, we can’t live without them!

Did you know that baby wipes are great for:

  • Wiping down restaurant tables (please tell me I’m not the only mama who does this!)
  • Cleaning up after crafting… especially with markers and paint
  • Washing away crayon masterpieces scribbled on the wall… we had our first experience with this when a friend’s child drew on our wall and it wiped away wonderfully!
  • Getting permanent marker off of little ones who don’t realize that all markers aren’t created equal
  • Mopping up muddy footprints stamped on the hardwood floor after a day of playing outdoors
  • Cleaning gunk out from under little fingernails
  • Providing a child the entertainment of wiping things down when you’re waiting at a restaurant
  • Acting as a soft alternative to a facial tissue when no tissues are handy
  • Teaching little ones independence in cleaning themselves up


WaterWipes & Ethan; use as many wipes now as when my boys were babies!

As if baby wipes weren’t awesome enough, I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have found WaterWipes, a chemical free baby wipe containing only two ingredients: 99.9% purified water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract.

Hello?! We take precaution in every other area of our family’s life and with their health, but we often forget about the chemicals in some of our every day products. WaterWipes has taken out all the “junk” to provide a safer, natural option for families. Being chemical free means no added fragrance. No preservatives. And they don’t interfold the wipes to insure a sterile environment within each package! Good thinkin’, huh?

WaterWipes packages;

They’re as soft as a baby’s bottom, safe for rashy baby bottoms, and durable enough to cover all our other uses. If you want more though, you’ll just have to check ’em out for yourself. Add them to your Meijer superstore shopping list or use the WaterWipes store locator to find your closest location:


Messes and kids go hand-in-hand. So when it’s time to clean up from making mud pies or wipe up a face covered in melted ice cream, I can smile knowing that my simple solution to cleaning up messy kids is now a safe one for them, for me, for the environment… and all I have to worry about is what kind of messy little surprise I may encounter next!

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