Skinny Whiskey Sour Recipe

Today, friends, is a little break from the norm.  I gotta say that sometimes us moms just need to kick up our feet and have cocktail time at the end of a long day. That being said, my blogging girlfriend, Laura from Lalymom, is guest posting today to bring you this easy, low-calorie whiskey sour recipe!

How to make a whiskey sour low calorie and low carb - Guest post from Lalymom on Makeovers and Motherhood

So, the name of my blog is LalyMOM but I DO have a life outside of just being a mommy. Sometimes I like to have a glass of wine or a cocktail but a lot of drinks can really take their toll on your waistline! We also have friends and family who follow a low carb or low sugar diet so it is nice to have mixed drinks that we can all enjoy!

Enter my fabulous husband, LalyDad. One night we were watching a movie and he had the bright idea to make a mixed drink using Mio Drink Enhancer. Genius! It is our new go-to mixer now! Check out the stats on this skinny Whiskey Sour Recipe, versus a Classic Whiskey Sour, a Classic Whiskey Sour with Egg White and one made with Sour Mix.

I think this is a pretty good calorie savings without sacrificing taste! (Click to enlarge.)

Whiskey Sour Nutritional Values from Lalymom on Makeovers and Motherhood

So are you ready to try it?! Here you go, give it a whirl!

Skinny Whiskey Sour

Yields: 1


  • 1.5 oz Whiskey or Bourbon
  • 4 oz water
  • 1 light squirt - about half a teaspoon Lemonade Flavored Mio
  • Slice of lemon - optional garnish


  • Prepare a rocks glass with a few cubes of ice and a thin slice of lemon if desired.
  • Pour all drink ingredients into a shaker with ice.
  • Shake until chilled and pour into the prepared glass.
  • Enjoy!

That’s it! If you are watching your calories, sugar intake or carbs, I really do recommend these Mio drink enhancers, they are tasty and handy since they come in such small bottles! Come by Lalymom today to see my counterpart post with more suggestions for Low Calorie and Low Carb Cocktails! Stick around to check out some fun kids crafts and activities to keep the little ones busy while you mix up your drink!

Skinny Whiskey Sour low cal low carb;

Thank you so very much to Alisha for inviting me to share this recipe here! It is a recipe that we have really come to like and I hope it helps others to find a new diet friendly option!

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