The Snack-a-saurus


What could make snack time more fun?  Making a dinosaur creation for your little snack-a-saurus!  It’s super simple and healthy!



1 Apple, quartered, cored, and peeled

1 Strawberry

Cheese, cut into triangles




How to:

Peel, quarter and core the apple.  Slice 1/2 the apple.

Make the body (going left to right):  Lay out 3-4 slices of apple so they are slightly overlapping.  Place a quarter of the apple next in line.  Hold it up and slide 2-3 apples slices under it from the right to finish the dino’s body.

Neck (slices of apple):  Lay one apple slice so it is arched down from the top of the body.  Cut the second apple slice in half.  Slightly overlap it on the first apple in an arch shape.  Add the second apple slice to make the head.

Legs (1 apple slice):  Cut in half.  Place vertically under the body so it is touching.

Tail (2 apple slices):  Lay the first apple slice at the back of the body so it looks like an extension of the body, only this time, face the curve of the slice upward.  Add the second slice, slightly over the frist one to finish the tail.

Add the cheese slices along the dinosaur’s neck, back, and tail.

Place a handful of crackers under the dino for the ground.

Place the strawberry vertical under the dino’s head as his vegetation.

Add a flully marshmallow cloud to the sky.


Viola!  Art on a plate that doubles as a fun, snack for the kiddos!  Well… until your little snack-a-saurus devours this prehistoric creation!


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