Top 10 Easter Egg Games & Activities for Kids

Top 10 Easter Egg Games & Activities;


Want some simple Easter fun?  These 10 simple games require little more than plastic eggs, but they will crack the kids up and provide dozens of fun Easter memories!


Easter Scavenger Hunt

Egg hunts are so much fun, why not do a “practice” run?!  Only use the egg hunt as a learning game too!  Here are a couple of my favorite Easter Egg scavenger hunt ideas:


Easter Egg Matching Game

This is the easiest way to play an Easter Egg matching game, and with no prep time involved!  Take the eggs apart and place them in a bin, a large bowl, or even spread them on the floor.  Then let your child match the tops and bottoms of the plastic eggs according to colors and sizes.

Here’s another fun color matching game:  Color Matching Easter Egg Game from Pink and Green Mama


Easter Egg Guessing Game

Shake up some fun by making turning your plastic eggs into shakers!  For filler ideas to get the most out of your shake, check out Guess what’s inside: Sound shakers with plastic eggs from De tout et de rien: Activités pour le Préscolaire  (Don’t worry, the instructions are in English first, then French.  This is a lovely site with great resources so please check it out!)


Egg Races

Kids love to be active and get up & get movin’!  So why not set them up with some racing activites to work their mind and body?!

  • Egg on a spoon race.  Yup, I’m talking about a classic now… only replace the raw egg with a plastic egg!  You’ll want to weight the plastic egg to help it stay on the spoon.  (A little Easter candy would be a great weight.)  Make sure to explain how the race works to your child and show them the “racetrack”.  It be fun the whole family cracks up over!
  • Plastic Easter Egg Races: Exploring Angles of Ramps from Little Bins for Little Hands


Easter Egg Scramble

Take apart 3 plastic eggs.  Using half of the egg (either the top or bottom), line up 3 eggs halves.  Place a jelly bean or a piece of Easter candy under one of the eggs.  Show the kids under which egg you are placing it.  Then, keeping the eggs on the table, rearrange them quickly and have child #1 guess under which egg the candy is hiding.  If the child gets it right, they win the piece of candy.  If not, rescramble the eggs, and child #2 gets a turn.  Keep going until all the children have had a turn.   (Just make sure you have the candy stash closeby to replenish the hidden candy or to make sure even the kids who didn’t find the candy, get a consolation prize!)


Plastic Egg Stacking Game

Kids love to build and stack things!  Check out Toddler Approved’s simple “Stack ‘em Don’t Crack ‘em” : Plastic Egg Stacking Game!


Egg Toss

Moms, before you panic at the thought of your child wildly egging your house (or his brother), check out this creative egg toss that uses water bottles and plastic Easter eggs:  Easter Game – Egg Toss Bottles from JDaniel4’s Mom.


Easter Egg Hot Potato

Yes, the classic game of hot potato will get these eggs cookin’!


Easter Egg Bowling

Strike up a fun Easter game by bowling over some plastic eggs!  Don’t be a turkey, read Bowling with Wobbly Easter Eggs from And Next Comes L!


Easter Egg Tic-Tac-Toe

Instead of having an X or an O, to win, get 3 eggs in a row!  Using halved plastic Easter Eggs, draw out a tic-tac-toe board and play!



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Happy Easter, friends!  I hope you and your little ones can get some great game and play time together!


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