Best Games for Kindergartners and Preschoolers

Top 10 Games for Preschoolers;

I love games and game nights and all the fun that comes with it!


makeovers & motherhood top 10 games for preschoolers

I’ve once again combined the top selling and best rated games for preschoolers from Amazon and Toys R Us and combined them with our family’s favorites to create the Makeovers & Motherhood Top 10 List of Games for Preschoolers!


The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel GameEducational Insights The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

Your forest friends are hungry in The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game and they need your help! Spin the spinner, squeeze the matching colored acorn with your Squirrel Squeezers, and place it into your log. Be the first to fill your log with delicious acorns and you win! You could also spin pick an acorn, steal an acorn, or lose an acorn, so be strategic, little squirrel!

Develops matching, sorting, strategic thinking, hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, and pre-handwriting skills.

Richard Scarry's BusyTownRichard Scarry’s BusyTown Eye Found It! Game

A cooperative game combining a race across Busytown, with searching for specific objects on the map (flags, ladders, etc.). The more you find, the faster you move!

Encourages teamwork, promotes attention to detail, and reinforces object identification and matching skills.


A favorite for more than 50 years! Roll the Cootie cube, be the first to build a three dimensional “cootie” bug from plastic body parts to win!

Perfect for younger children because there is no reading required.  Helps children with number recognition.

Ants in the PantsAnts in the Pants

This fast-paced game combines strategy, speed, and fun for the whole family!  Be the first one to get all your ants into the dog’s pants to win!

No reading required.


Race around Candy Land in a series of colorful forward and backward moves.  The game is won by being the first to reach Candy Castle.

Teaches color recognition and matching skills.

Hi Ho Cherry-OHi Ho Cherry-O

Pick your trees clean!  Can you pick all 10 cherries without spilling your bucket?

Introduces kids to counting.  Reading not required.

Don't Spill the BeansDon’t Spill the Beans

Get rid of all the beans you’ve got, but do it without tipping over the pot. A simple balancing game where you place beans in a pot.  A classic preschool favorite for more than 30 years!

Reading not required.

Spot It Jr.! AnimalsSpot It Jr.! Animals

Be on the lookout for the one (and only one) land, sky, or sea animal that matches between any two cards.

Sharpens kids’ visual perception and cognitive skills.

ZingoZingo:  Bingo with Zing!

A fast-paced variation of bingo where players try to fill their Zingo cards with matching picture tiles. The first player to fill his or her card wins!

Teaches shape and pattern recognition, and improves observation and short term memory skills.

Cat in the Hat I Can Do That!Cat in the Hat I Can Do That!

Jump in and discover all the new things you can do in this physical activity game!  More cards = more challenges like “slide under the Trick-a-ma-stick with the boat on your head” or “jump up and down with the cake between your elbows”!

Helps kids discover their own abilities, encourages self-confidence and self-esteem, promotes early-reading skills, and provides full-body active fun!

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