Ultimate Meatball Sliders

Whether you’re looking for a perfect crowd pleaser for Super Bowl or just trying to please a picky eater, these meatball sliders are a huge win! And that’s huge for me. I would never EVER chose to eat a meatball sandwich until now, but I can’t get enough of these babies!

It all started with a man and his stomach. Sounds like a typical food story, right?! LOL That man is my hubby on vacation who ordered a super snazzy meatball slider which he raved about. The next week, my Kindergartner (who always takes a packed lunch to school), in great detail describes the meatball sandwiches that you can choose if  you order a school lunch.

So in an effort to make the two biggest guys in our family happy, I went to work making meatballs. Luckily, my oldest son had picked out the mother load package of King’s Hawaiian sweet rolls when we were at Costco. So not only did we have the perfect flavored base for the sandwich with the sweetness of the rolls to contrast the rich savory marinara and heartiness of the meatball, but the sandwich would now be the perfect size for little hands to hold onto. Meatballs can be slippery little suckers at any age! Then with only 4 other ingredients, 5 minutes of prep and 35 minutes of cook time, the best, most delicious, mouth watering, ultimate meatball slider ever was created!

Meatball slider

It’s no exaggeration… it really is that good! In fact they’re so good, our picky 3-year old has asked to have these as leftovers (twice). And we will be adding them to our menu as a regular!

Want a really good side to pair with it? Try our Cinnamon Sweet Potato Home Fries! YUUUUUUM!!!

Okay, if I don’t stop talking about it, I’m gonna have to go warm myself up a late night meatball slider snack! So, let’s get cooking!

Happy eating!


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