Very Merry Christmas Printable

Decking the halls for the most wonderful time of the year may be one of my favorite times of the year. I love opening our big red and green, bulging Christmas tubs. These bins don’t just hold ornaments and Santas and greenery. They hold the joys of Christmas. The vibrantly contrasting colors of the season re-ignite warmth to our decor and our lives after the fabulous colors of fall start fading to winter.

There is something magical about Christmas and I’m one of those who absolutely can’t get enough. From Jesus to Santa… I am in.

And I’m in with all. the. feels.

I find the glow of the Christmas tree to be nothing shy of intoxicating. No, it’s not just the wine talking. The serenity of sitting in a room lit with hundreds of tiny bulbs reflecting off the ornaments and illuminating the walls with sparkles… mesmerizing.

The ornaments… all my favorites go on the big tree. The miniature stockings my mom cross-stitched for my first tree hang here. The ornaments my boys and I made, pressing their little hands and feet onto the colored balls of the season hang there. The Santa handprint ornaments with the wiggly eyes still make me giggle after all these years, and also make me sappy thinking of how long ago it was that their hands were small enough to fit on an ornament.

I love, love, LOVE watching Christmas movies and wrapping gifts by the tree. I know that my boys have kept a careful eye on what has been placed under the tree and that the three of them will gather by the tree to ponder what has been specially placed under the tree for them. And while all of us (me included) anticipate these material gifts, I am reminded of the gifts of forgivness and eternal life that was poured out this night thousands of years ago. I’m reminded that the anticipation in my heart of what is to come merely shadows the anticipation Mary must have had knowing that she would be giving birth to God’s own son.

I wonder if she was overwhelmed with the thought of raising the son of God, if she was fearful of how others would think of her, or if she feared not being a “good enough” mom to the king of kings?

So. many. feels.

The spirit of Christmas puts me in awe. I’m not just in awe of the decorations, but of how this season awakens the spirit of giving and generousity in even the Scroogey-ist of people.

Was the eggnog spiked? Are all of the synchronized light shows hypnotizing us and sending our subconscious the message to give? Or does the reason we celebrate Christmas give everyone a little guilt gut punch and remind us to put aside our own needs and bless others like we have been blessed?

Regardless of that answer, I’ll take it.

And I plan to soak in the magic of Christmas as long and as much as possible.

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But how does any of this relate to a Have a Very Merry Christmas printable?

Well if you were to see the numerous tubs of Christmas decorations (plus free-standing Christmas trees) our storage room is stacked with, you may think I’ve made it my mission to outshine Chevy Chase’s house in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Oddly enough, our home is moderately lit up. No big blowups in the yard. No tunnels to walk through.

Instead, the tubs are filled with Santas and mini flocked trees and greenery and signs and… you get the picture. You have tubs like this too.

But after awhile, the tubs start bulging. Like to the point that the only reason the lid is staying on is because you’ve just stacked another 25-pound tub on top of it. And while you know that adding another bin would be the best solution (because heaven forbid that the five snowglobes your family recieved last year get crushed), you know that wedded bliss is way more important than those snowglobes.

So what’s a girl to do? So much Christmas, such limited storage space!

Here’s my solution… HOLIDAY PRINTABLES!

You and I both know that when our Christmas bins are full, buying something else is not an option because if the lid pops off that tub, it’ll be like a volcano spewing lava.

However, having a picture frame that you can use for every season and just switch out the “picture” to be seasonally appropriate is budget friendly, plus it will keep your home holiday trendy while keeping you out of trouble with your spouse.

I’ve created 3 size options for you… 5″x7″, 8×8, and 8×10. All three sizes are in the same download. My printing suggestion is to use a cardstock or photo paper for printing. This will keep the image clean and crisp.

Very Merry Christmas download graphic

This Very Merry Christmas printable is obviously black and white. But you can add a pop of color by adding a gold star to the top or coloring in the word Christmas. My mom jazzes everything up with glitter gel pens from Cricut and it makes a cute printable even cuter and it personalizes it to match your decor colors. (BTW… you can get massive packs of glitter gel pens on Amazon for a decent price. When I bought some for my boys, I wasn’t sure if they would even use a glitter pen, but they love them! They use them all the time!)

Anyways, if you want to add a little more holiday cheer to your decor in a budget friendly and space saving way… this is it!

Hoping you and yours have a very Merry Christmas!


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