Quick Energy Boosters for Mom

“Mommy, I’m hungry.” “Mom, did you pack my soccer bag?” “Ma, there’s a bake sale at school tomorrow. Can you bake 4 dozen cupcakes?” “Honey, when are the kids’ next doctor appointments?” Busy mom? What mom isn’t? Our errands are on-going and to-do lists never ending. No matter what anyone says, being a mom is tough work. Our brains are constantly churning and our bodies are constantly moving. No one can expect to run the hamster wheel 24/7 without feeling a little drained. So these quick energy boosters are perfect midday pick-me-ups in the midst of all the chaos that’ll boost your energy quickly, efficiently, and without breaking the bank!

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Quick Energy Boosters for Mom

10-Minute Yoga
Need a mid-day pick-me-up? Yoga has many health benefits, but who has time to complete a one-hour class? Good news is that practicing your breathing and yoga poses (our favorite is downward dog) for 10 minutes a day can give you a real energy booster.

An Apple a Day
Forget your cup o’ Joe: studies have shown that apples can be a more effective energy booster than caffeine. Plus, they’re a great source of fiber and vitamin C.

Open up those windows and let those sunrays beam into your home. Sunlight can liven up your mood and give you the boost you need during a stressful day.

Take a Bite
There are so many recipes for energy bites and we love the concept of them! They make for great snacks and are easy to put together. Our All Natural No Bake Cookie Balls are delicious and can be customized to add all the healthy ingredients you like such as chia seeds and flaxseed!

Your H20 Intake
Many people end up feeling tired from dehydration. If you’re feeling low on fuel, drink up! Always make sure you’re getting your daily recommended amount of water.

Quick In-Home Spa Treatment
Sometimes, going traditional can take you far. If you need a moment to relax, 10 minutes with cucumber slices on your eyes can make you feel more at ease and will cool you down.

A Healthy Trail Mix
A handful of nuts and dried fruits can give you that mid-day energy boost. Eliminate sugar by putting together your own mix! This way, you can customize it with your favorite elements: almonds, cashews, Brazilian nuts, cranberries… the works!

As a way to beat your sluggish moments, incorporate a 15-minute meditation session in your routine. It gives you a chance to practice your deep breathing. Studies show that increased oxygen intake is a great way to boost energy.

Around the Block
Release some endorphins by taking a quick jog around the block. If you’re not a runner, then ease into jogging by speed walking and increasing your speed week by week.

Smart Snacking
Eating small meals and snacks throughout the day can help keep your energy up at a more consistent rate. It’s all about what you’re consuming, so make sure you’re making the best choices for your body. We love this delicious take on cereal bars by The Worktop or we’ve got 7 healthy grab & go snacks both you and the kids will love!

Sleep Schedule
When it comes to routines, your sleep takes a high priority. Creating a consistent sleep schedule will help regulate your body’s internal clock. A better-quality sleep may allow you to feel more amped-up during the day.

Chia Seeds
Sprinkle away! Chia seeds contain all the good stuff like protein, fiber, and healthy fats, so it’s no wonder experts suggest putting it on food. They’re low-carb but can really help in boosting your energy levels.

Energy Smoothie
Time to dust off your blender. When made with the right ingredients, smoothies can provide lasting and healthy effects. Try out this Date and Almond Energy Smoothie by Hen Family.

Re-Think Your Schedule
Feeling stressed and drained from your day-to-day workload? Take a moment to re-evaluate your schedule. Relieve yourself the pressure of doing too much and you’ll find yourself feeling much more energized.

Vitamin B
Vitamin B is best known for fighting fatigue. A good source of B vitamins come from foods like sardines, beef liver, and red meat. You can also opt for a supplement, like this one that comes in highly recommended by its users.

Visit to the Doc’s
Many women live with thyroid problems and according to Forbes, only half of the cases are actually diagnosed. Make sure you ask your doctor if your fatigue isn’t being cause by an underlying health issue.

Morning Brew
Backtrack a little… I know it was mentioned earlier to forget that cup of coffee, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. And although there are natural and healthier alternatives to caffeine, a cup of Joe can still kick off your day if you really need it. For best results, have it as early as possible so you’re not drinking your first cup in the afternoon. And now you can have your favorite Starbuck’s treat at home thanks to these delicious Copycat Starbuck’s Recipes!

Aqua Woman!
Feeling drained? Hop in for a quick, refreshing shower. If you even have time, give yourself a bubble bath and bask in the warm water to relax and unwind.

Laugh Out Loud
Funny YouTube videos are all the rage. Give yourself 10 minutes to go through the funniest video compilations. Laughter releases endorphins that will give you the kick of energy you need during your mid-day slump. Just go ahead and laugh a little… or a lot!

Cuppa Tea
Green tea is high in antioxidants, so having two to three cups a day is extremely beneficial. It’ll boost brain power and lift those energy levels.


To all the moms out there: you are appreciated. You are enough.




How do you fight fatigue? Got an amazing recipe that’ll help boost energy levels? Tell me your stress-relievers in the comments below. I’d love to hear your ways!

Quick Energy Boosters for Moms



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