Winter Scissor Cutting Practice Sheets

Learning how to use scissors is perhaps one of the most beneficial skills your toddler can learn. And until a few months ago, I had absolutely not idea how or why I should’ve been working with my 3-year old to develop those skills. All I could think of were the “I cut my own hair” horror stories of kids using scissors, so the last thing I wanted to do was turn my toddler into a tiny Edward Scissorhands! (If you didn’t get that reference, it’s another 90s movie reference.)

However, after watching my son turn a sheet of paper into two million teeny triangles and hearing an occupational therapist tell me how great it was for him to have these skills, I just couldn’t wait to get more seasonally themed scissor cutting sheets created! (BTW… you will want to read Scissor Cutting Skills: why they’re so important & how to help your child learn ’em!)


Pinnable Pinterest image of Winter Scissor Cutting Practice Sheets


After testing out my Thanksgiving Scissor Cutting Practice Sheets on my boys, they have been hooked! Seriously, we are on a cutting frenzy here! Scissors have become their new crafting addition. And since I can’t make cutting practice sheets fast enough for them, they just ask for a piece of paper to cut. No joke! They pick their favorite color of construction paper from our bin and we all sit at the kitchen island together and sing and talk and they go to town cutting the paper into whatever shapes their little hands can manuever the scissors to form.

Of course, they prefer the cutting sheets. The lines give them a challenge that they are oh-so-happy to accept. And after they cut their lines, they cut out the pictures and then once again turn the paper to shreds. But they’re happy, so I’m happy!

Just a couple nights ago, we went out to a restaurant and I decided to take our Winter Scissor Cutting Sheets and a couple pairs of blunt-tipped kid scissors with us. And thank goodness I did! Telling Dylan, our challenging middle child, that I brought a scissor activity with us was the only way he agreed to eat dinner… stinker!


Download link for Winter Scissor Cutting Practice Sheets

Click here to download your free winter scissor cutting practice sheets!


So while the weather is cold, make an afternoon hot cocoa for the kids and one of these amazing copycat Starbucks recipes for you, and get those little hands cutting!



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