Dear Santa Stationery (printables)

It’s (almost) the most wonderful time of the year… Christmas! While we parents relish the last few days before the Christmas rush begins and look forward to a day of turkey, food, family, and football (a.k.a. Thanksgiving), our little ones are already dreaming about what their lists for Santa will include.

My boys are always so excited to sit on Santa’s lap and talk to the jolly ol’ guy himself! In addition to visiting with him, we also give Santa a list of what each child would love to see under the tree. 

From the time little ones are able to rip open the wrapping paper on a present, they begin to embrace the fun and magic of Christmas. With that and the all-important-letter-to-Santa in mind, I created a stationery sheet for each developmental stage… toddler (coloring page), preschooler (drawing page), along with lots of lined stationery options for writers.

Our boys absolutely loved the coloring and drawing pages when they were young. They drew the pictures and then hubby and I would help them write/spell out the items on their list!

As they’ve gotten older, I’m still anxious to see how they will choose to communicate with Ol’ Saint Nick… a written letter or pictures. Either way, I love seeing the sparkle in their eyes and the thoughtfulness that goes into deciding what to include in their letter to Santa!

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Sometimes it’s just nice to know how other families function and do things like Santa, Santa lists, and gifts. So here’s the scoop on our family.

Our boys’ letters to Santa are different than the lists we make for the grandparents and to do our shopping for each other. And even though Santa is full of magic and has a workshop of elves happily making toys, we still remind our boys that even on their Santa list, they need to be thoughtful of prices. Santa has kids all over the world to provide gifts for and even he has to be cost savvy so that he can spread joy to all kids on Christmas morning.

Truth be told… Brad and I are cautious to make sure that all the boys’ gifts are on the humble side. Even from Santa. We don’t want our boys boasting about what Santa brought them to a friend who may not have received much from Santa. Our hope is still to spread some Santa fun, but be realistic and set parameters on expectations.

Growing up, my family didn’t do Santa. But when I started dating my husband, even though we were in our mid-20’s, Christmas morning was so fun at his house. Santa always left a couple of unwrapped gifts under the tree and in the stockings for each person that you could check out, play with, try on, etc. Then we had Christmas breakfast together before exchanging gifts. There was just something fun and magical about it. And I wanted our boys to experience the same thing.

To prep for our Christmas lists, I take the boys to a brick and mortar store where they can hands-on take a look at the toys on the shelves. We use our phones to take pictures of the things the boys are most interested in or even something they like, but want a different variation of. We ask them to keep their items under $50 each, but do allow them to put a couple pricier items on just in case we find a roaring deal.

Then home we go to make out the lists.

Being upper elementary and middle school ages, our boys love to online shop and price compare the items they put on their lists. So they put together their big long list of things they would like to have. Then go back and filter out the items they would most like from Santa. Only those items go on their Dear Santa stationery.

Our boys, understanding that mom & dad, the grandparents, the cousins, and even Santa have budgets, know that their Christmas lists should only include their very most wanted gifts.

And then, because I”m a sentimental schuck we can’t bear to not have these adorable hand-written letters to Santa in their scrapbooks, keep the lists to lay out by the milk and cookies on Christmas Eve so that Santa remembers exactly what to leave. (We’ve already seen the big guy in person and told him what is on our lists. So this is merely a reminder.)

So whether you’re packing up the car and kids for Thanksgiving weekend and are ready for some serious Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping, or its middle of December and you’re freaking out on what to buy everyone… these Dear Santa stationery pages always add holiday fun for list making!



(Click on the stationery page below for a printable PDF.)






















Christmas is just so much fun… celebrating the birth of Jesus, singing carols, packing up the family with snacks and driving around the neighborhood looking at lights, decorating, making lists, preparing for Santa. I hope you are basking in the joy the season brings and embracing the holidays with lots of family fun and together time!

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