Fall Family Fun Activities

Fall is the absolute best season ever! For us that have to endure snow and slush and cold temperatures in the winter, and for those of us who then watch the snow melt into sloppy puddles of mud with the skies dumping rain for endless days in the spring… fall is freaking amazing! Can I get a hallelujah?

Seriously though, pumpkin spice lattes may be the best coffee drink ever created! And who wouldn’t be in awe as the leaves turn from green into a vibrant colorscape of rich orange, yellow and red? And mums! And pumpkins! And carving pumpkins! Cool mornings and perfectly tempered, sunny afternoons. I’m not necessarily an outdoorsy kinda girl, but in the fall all I want to do is be outside with my family during this beautiful season.

So to celebrate fall and family, I’ve compiled some great ways for you to laugh, learn, explore, exercise, and have some fall family fun!



Fall Family Fun Ideas

8 Fall Sensory Activities at Your Fingertips from The Jenny Evolution. Get your family out in nature (and the kids burning off energy) with these simple and fun fall activities!

14 Fall Date Ideas for Husbands and Wives  from Pint-sized Treasures. I love that Alison says, “Fall is the perfect excuse to go on more dates with your husband…”! Any excuse for a date night is a great one, especially with these fun activities!

30 Fun Ways to Prevent “Nature Deficit Disorder” from One Time Through. I had no idea how your connection to nature as a child affects you as an adult. These fun tips and play ideas will keep your kiddos and family in touch with nature and lovin’ it!

Acorn Cap Jewels from Dabbling Momma. This craft doesn’t just get kids creating, but also gets them outside acorn scouting!

Acorn Sensory Bin from Dabbling Momma. Let your children touch, explore and play with nature by means of a sensory bin! It’s a good way to get their hands on the feel of fall!

Apple Picking – Add Adventure Without Adding Cost from Mommy Loves Trees. These fun apple pickin’ activities are great fun without great expense!

Autumn Yoga from Kids Yoga Stories. Workout and get fit while acting out the changing of seasons through yoga!

DIY Fall Décor with Kids from Planet Smarty. I adore these decorating projects! Love, love, love! Such fun projects, simple, and beautiful!

Fall & Holiday Kid-Friendly Service Projects from Makeovers & Motherhood. Anytime is a great time to serve others, but fall and the upcoming holidays bring some extra special service ideas that your little ones will enjoy!

Fall Bible Activities Round Up from Christianity Cove. Teach kids the beauty and wonders of God with these fall themed hands-on crafts, games, and activities.

Fall Family Bingo: 50 Great Autumn Activities (with free printable) from KC Edventures. Turn your fall bucket list into a game with this fantastic free family Bingo printable!

Fall Fun Nature Hunt (Free Printable) from The Chirping Moms. Head outside with the kiddos and explore nature. This cute scavenger hunt printable makes observation and exploration even more fun!

Leaf Scramble: Gross Motor Activity for Kids from The Inspired Treehouse. Turn work into play with this fun leaf game! It’s fun, it’s work, it’s developing gross motor skills, and it’s burning off your kids’ energy! Love it!

Number Nature Scavenger Hunt from Makeovers & Motherhood. Explore nature and learn through play? Yes, please! This scavenger hunt does both and is great fun!



Happy Fall, y’all!





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