I’m not Super Mom… just a mom to 3 super little boys!

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I’d love to tell you that I’m Super Mom. I’d love to tell you that I have the perfect life, that my house is always clean, that I make healthy recipes from scratch at every meal, that there are no dishes on the counter or laundry on the floor, that I never ever yell at my kids, that I get 8 hours of sleep nightly, exercise daily, and have all sorts of education and social events planned for my children. Heck, I’d love to tell you that I even have 3 of those items perfected. But the truth is, I’m only one person and I’m human.

What I can tell you is that I am a mom to three super little boys. I became a mom upon first discovering that I was pregnant 7 years ago… hearing his little heartbeat, seeing his first picture in the ultrasound. When I held that precious baby in my arms the very first time, looking into his squinty newborn eyes, the mothering love that had been growing over the last 9 months finally became a reality.

With our first child, I was nervous, paranoid, and tired. With the arrival of our second child, I was just tired. I joke that it took our third little guy to get this parenting thing right. But who are we kidding… there is no such thing as “getting it right” or being Super Mom. The only thing that I can be is a mom to my three super little boys… these little lights of sunshine who brighten my day and hold a huge piece of my heart.

That being said, they push my patience, challenge their boundaries, and ask unending questions.  There are always brotherly wrestling matches and squabbles to break up. They request homemade birthday cakes that require grandma to come to the rescue. They scream in the middle of the store causing my cheeks to flush with embarrassment. They spit out the dinner I just made and throw it across the room. And yet… being their mommy is worth it.

Nothing compares to the job of being a mom. The payoffs are hugs and kisses, cuddles and an unprompted “I love you, Mommy!” Even when you feel like you’ve failed, when you’ve reached your limit, their sweet arms around your neck erase those “trying” moments.

What we often forget is that our role isn’t to be a Super Mom. Yes, we are called to be super for our family, super for our kids, but truly… they are the ones who are super. Our job is to love them unconditionally.  To teach them.  To be present in their day.  To walk them through the journey of life, to provide our children with happy childhoods, to encourage them and help them develop their talents and abilities.

I am not a Super Mom. I never have been. And as much as I may strive for it, will probably never reach that status. That’s okay with me. I am a mom to three little boys… and that is the super most important thing in my life.

Take time to celebrate your journey of motherhood today. Celebrate it every day and the blessing of being called mom. Because to your kids, you are super!



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