kid’s artwork… what to do with it

Kid's Artwork... what to do with it;

The boys’ artwork is something I really struggle with.  I love that the boys love to do projects, that they love to color and create.  I don’t love that I have piles of artwork (times two) laying around the house.  I always feel guilty not keeping their masterpieces, well except the ones that look like a box of crayons threw up on the paper a mass of colorful scribbles.  I keep thinking I should cherish these works their precious little hands excitedly toiled over.  So I save their newest piece and it sits on our kitchen island on the previous pile of artwork which got piled on the previous day’s which was added to their Sunday school projects that have been sitting here for weeks now…  Get the picture?

So then comes the daunting decision of what do we do with artwork?  Pitch it?  Display it?  Keep it?  Honestly, sometimes I just ask the boys what they want done with their newest creation so I don’t have to make the decision.  But when they choose to only pitch 1 out of 10, it doesn’t make things any easier… especially when you realize that you don’t have a system in place for the ones you want to keep so the solution is once again to stack it.

Since we are just finishing our August Alphabet Challenge and I have just added at least 26 more handiworks to your pile (you’re welcome), I thought I should send some creative solutions your way!

Your first priority… DISPLAY THEIR ARTWORK!

Connor's 1st day of school (wearing moose antlers); all know how proud our kids are of their creations.  I love when after Sunday school, they come running, picture in hand to show me what they made.  Or how Connor can’t wait to tear into his backpack to show me his preschool crafts.  And the fact he was so proud of his moose antlers he wore them on his first day of preschool and Dylan wore his noodle necklace to his preschool open house!  So we need to display and show off their talents, and do so shortly after it was made.

Sorry to say, but this used to make me cringe.  I love my boys dearly, but my OCD self would lose it if I had to see artwork hung all over my house.  I don’t want my frig covered in it.  I don’t want it taped to (and ruining) my walls.  So I had to figure out a way that would showcase my little Picassos and keep my sanity at the same time.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll share with you classy, crafty and creative ways to display artwork.  Then we’ll tackle those items we want to keep long-term and set up easy organizing systems that you and your child will cherish for years.

Let’s get started!  Begin by pitching what you don’t feel attached to, don’t like, or absolutely can’t keep (because of size or mess factor).  Go through the pile with your child and ask his or her opinion on what they would like to do with each piece of art.  (Still don’t like the idea of throwing away their art?  Try giving it away!  In an effort to teach our boys how to serve, I have taken them to a senior living home/nursing home to visit with the residents.  We will be taking our “extra” art pieces and sharing them with the residents there.  Seeing the kids brings such joy to the residents’ faces, you are teaching your children the importance of serving others, and your own heart will be overjoyed at the experience.)

Then keep watching for the DIY project that best fits your home and family.

Here is a sneak peek of 3 of the DIY artwork project frames.  DIY instructions to come!

DIY Artwork Frame;    DIY Framed Corkboard;       DIY Individual Art Frames;


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