Smarty Pants Lunchbox Love Notes

Smarty Pants Lunchbox Love Notes polaroid;“Make sure Mommy packs you a note,” says my Kindergartner to his 4-year old brother. It was another morning in the kitchen as I was packing everyone a lunch for school when I overheard this comment.

My boys value their love note as much as they value the edible items in their lunchbox. Why? Because it’s a little reminder to them that mommy is thinking about them. Even more, it is an affirmation that builds them up, reminds them that they are loved, or encourages them. And it provides their little heart, mind, and soul as much nourishment as their lunch.

None of my boys are readers yet. So they have to ask their teacher what their note says and I can just imagine the smile that spreads across their face as they hear these words. Every day as my Kindergartner comes home from school and does his task of unpack his lunchbox, he tells me what his note says. Some days I’ve had to send a repeat note, but he doesn’t mind because he now knows what it says and can work on reading it himself which to a Kindergartner can be a big boost in self esteem.

My point… moms, make sure you are encouraging your kiddos as much as possible. Even when they’re not with you, may be the times they need your encouraging words the most. And a little note can go a long way!

So today, build your little one up with these Smarty Pant Lunchbox Love Notes. They’ll love it!


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Smarty Pants Lunchbox Love Notes printable;


Just print, cut, and hide these little encouraging notes for the little loves & smarty pants in your life!



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