Amazing Outdoor Play Spaces

There is something magical about being a kid, being outside, and summer. Maybe it’s the feeling of freedom. Of days running and swinging and playing in the dirt. Catching lightning bugs. Running through sprinklers. Not a care in the world… and the whole world is your playground. These outdoor play spaces take those dreamy days of summer a step further and truly create an amazing atmosphere of play and pretend and creativity for your child.

“Remember when it was summer and we used to ride our bikes down to the neighbors? We’d be gone all day and didn’t come home until we heard mom yell for dinner.”

I love hearing reminiscent stories like this of summer. Stories of tire swings and of stomping through creek beds and catching fireflies. I love how the storyteller brings old memories back to life, their face lighting up just like a child.

Many of us tend to keep a little tighter reign on our kid’s whereabouts than previous generations. I don’t know about you, but I want my boys to grow up telling amazing stories of playing outside when they were young. I want them to relive their glorious days of childhood and see their faces light up as they talk about their special little place in this big world… their backyard.

So whether it’s a rope swing, a homemade teeter totter, or wow-factor kind of tree house… these fantastic ideas will make your child’s outdoor play space a little sweeter and their smiles a little brighter!


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Ideas to Create Amazing Outdoor Play Spaces…

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Enjoy those little ones, momma! And enjoy reliving their childhood summertime stories with them for years to come!


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