Construction Truck Scissor Cutting Practice Sheets (printable)

Construction Truck Scissor Cutting Sheets;

Screech, boom, bump! Crash, roar, thump! Construction trucks with all their strength and loud booms do more than just build on the construction site, they also build the excitement of big machine lovin’ kids! So let’s get your kids revved up with some of their own construction (or in this case demolition) fun!

Not only will your little ones love this cutting fun, but they’ll also be working on their fine motor skills! (Did you know that scissor cutting skills are crucial to a child’s development? For more info, check out Scissor Cutting Skills: why they’re important and how to learn ’em)

Want even more fine motor practice? Have your child trace the dotted lines before getting the scissors out. It’s two fun activities and skill builders all in one!


So let’s scoop up these printable construction truck scissor cutting sheets for some learning fun! Click on the graphic to download your free printables.

Construction truck scissor cutting sheet printables

NOTE: Chrome’s built-in PDF viewer may not print page in it’s entirety (even though the printable looks fine on the screen). If you experience this problem, try using a different PDF program (Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader) to print pages.


While your child’s cutting space will look like it is “under construction”, it’s okay if they don’t cut a perfect line. In fact, let them cut and chop and even cut around the equipment. As long as their little hands are practicing with scissors and their little faces are happy, they are developing the skills they need. So sit back and enjoy this moment with your child (and check out all of our other fun scissor cutting practice sheets and activity pack printables)!




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