Handprint Sunflower Kid’s Craft

Handprint Sunflower Kid'sCraft;  msalishacarlson.com/


Want some giant crafting fun this summer?  This kid-made handprint sunflower towers them all!

My mom saw a version of this craft done at church and with her love of sunflowers and grandkid craft time, got busy creating with my boys!


What you’ll need:

1 sheet brown paper (12×12 if possible)

1 sheet gold paper for each child

1 sheet green paper



How to:

Cut one large circle from the brown paper.  (Trace a plate or bowl to make a perfect circle.)  Then have your child use a black marker and dot the circle to be more realistic.

Trace your child’s hands on their gold paper.  Cut out.

Lay the brown circle on the table and start tucking the hand cut outs, overlapping slightly, under the circle so the fingers stick out like flower petals.  Once the hands are arranged evenly, pick up the brown circle and apply a thin line of glue about ¼” in from the edge of the circle.  Flip over and center the brown circle over the hands so that the glue will adhere them together.  Press the circle down firmly to make sure the hands are stuck well.

Cut several 1” strips from the green paper to make the stem.  Tape or glue them together and add the stem to your sunflower.

Cut a couple leaves from the green paper.  Adhere them to the stem.

Sunflower Handprint Craft -- how to pictures; msalishacarlson.com/

My mom went beyond just the sunflower and with her Cricut cutting machine, cut out butterflies for each of my boys to assemble with glue and add to and around the sunflower.  You could also make ladybugs and bees for more crafting fun!

This giant sunflower craft was big fun for everyone… including Grandma!

Happy crafting!




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