The Smell of Home

My grandparents house always smelled like baby powder, roast, or onions. While I’d prefer our guests not to walk through our door and think, “onion… this must be the Makeovers & Motherhood house”, I would like everyone who graces our house with their presence to feel at home.

The Smell of Home;

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A home is so much more than just a roof over our heads, it is the place where we raise our children, where we grow our families and where friendships flourish. A home is the four walls that encompass the sounds of laughter and joy, the warmth that embraces us. And more than that, a home is the people, the memories that warm our hearts.

I love this video that speaks to how the smell of home always stays with us…

As a young mom (ahem, no age comments please… just go with young), watching the video of these older couples really touched my heart. Okay, I had to bat away some tears. While I’m not at this stage of life right now, I look around my home, littered with toys and school papers, dishes starting to topple out of the sink, muddy footprints on the hardwood floor from the boys running in after playing in the yard… and I can’t imagine saying goodbye to these days.

Throughout life, we transition from place to place. Maybe you changed homes when you were a child. Remember moving from your childhood home into a dorm room where nothing smells like mom’s cooking… only of other sweaty teenagers crammed into small living spaces? Or getting your first apartment… your very own space, the first place you call your own home.

As we age, those memories can be harder to recall, but so much more sentimental when we catch their beautiful aroma. While I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want a candle perfumer to concoct the scent of sweaty little boys and the stifling wreak of their tennis shoes, I don’t want to forget the way our home smells.

I love the smell of a crisp fall day as it’s carried through our sliding glass door overlooking the backyard into our home. Or the smell of pumpkin that lingers in the house after we’ve carved out jack-o-lanterns. I adore the scent of freshly baked cookies and brownies. And sometimes, even the pot roast in the slow cooker that reminds me of my grandparent’s house.


I was recently introduced to Air Wick’s Life Scents Holiday Collection candles. Oh my goodness, as I popped off the smooth, shiny silver top, the warmth of home flooded over me. The Emerald Woodland fragrance that layers morning frost, evergreen, and sugar cookie made me long for Christmas. And well, the Spiced Apple Crumble fragrance just made me long for dessert!

Both the fragrances sang of home!

Air Wick candles;


Maybe what makes me love them even more is that this holiday season Air Wick will give the gift of home to those missing it most. To celebrate their new Life Scents Holiday Collection, Air Wick is launching its Give the Gift of Home campaign with a donation of $250,000 to benefit families in partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Air Wick is taking the often overlooked element of home, air, and recreating the sense of home to bring families who are beginning new chapters of their lives closer through the power of scent.


There’s no place like home. Whether it’s a cozy blanket, a roaring fire, the sounds of kids laughter (and mischief), or a special scent, I challenge you today to make your home’s aroma beautiful… a place where all who grace your house feel warm, welcomed, and loved.

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What scents have you carried with you throughout your life that reminds you of home?


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