You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for… Klondike!

Some kid cravings will always stay with us.  Like an ice cream treat on a hot summer day!  Seriously, how excited were you as a kid when the songs from the ice cream truck echoed through your neighborhood?  As a mom, I now cringe when I hear that sound.  Although, truthfully there is a part of me that still wants to be a kid and wait at the curb with money in hand.  Now, when that urge strikes though, I can just head to my freezer for a Klondike KandyBar, where ice cream meets candy bar!

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This year, for the fourth of July, we joined my family for an Annual Family 4th Outing at my cousin’s lake cottage.  10 adults, 8 kids, one pontoon, a 2-bedroom cottage and a 10-person tent!  It was lots of crazy, lots of jokes and stories, lots food and fun!

Even though we have kids, there were moments of reverting back to our own childhood days.  Between water balloon fights and cannonballs off the diving board, mid-afternoon snacks of ice cream bars were enjoyed by all… the adults!

As we tore into the delicious Caramel & Peanuts and Fudge Krunch Klondike KandyBars I had packed our cooler with, my younger cousin reminded us of the jingle, “What would you do for a Klondike Bar?”

So, imitating Dr. Suess’ brilliant book “Green Eggs and Ham”, here is my answer:


Do you want a Klondike KandyBar?

Will you eat it here or far?

Would you eat it on a pontoon?

Or watching fireworks explode by the moon?

Would you eat them in a tent or in the sand?

Or in the lake or on dry land?

Would you eat them with a cousin?

Would you, could you eat a dozen?

I do, I do want a Klondike KandyBar!

And I would eat it here or far!

And I would eat it on a pontoon,

And watching fireworks by the moon,

And in a tent and on the sand,

And swimming in the lake, and on dry land!

I would eat them with a cousin!

I love them so much, I could eat a dozen!

I do so love, and I do so like

KandyBars from Klondike!



And we did… we ate them on the pontoon and while the kids pushed us on the floats in the lake.  My mom enjoyed hers while holding a sleeping grandbaby. And on day two at the lake, I caught my parents enjoying their treat together. No, they weren’t already staged them with the signage. LOL

Mom & Dad with Klondike


My husband had perfect timing as he captured this picture of my cousin REALLY enjoying her last bite of a Fudge Krunch bar!  Going… GONE!

Alisha's cousin enjoying every last bite of her Klondike


Whether having a picnic lunch, cooling down around a bonfire, or sneaking a treat while the kids are playing in the sand or lake… Klondike KandyBars are the perfect treat to enjoy with your loved ones while relaxing or sharing a day of fun. So go ahead, let your inner kid come out!  After all… you scream, I scream, we all scream for Klondike KandyBars!

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What would you do for a Klondike Bar?


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